Mistakes When Choosing Waterfront Restaurants

Visiting another place is a wonderful plan most especially if you want to unwind and spend time with your loved ones. Of course, there are numerous destination places to choose from, but it is important to make wise decisions. For instance, when staying in hotels, it is best that you look for safe yet affordable hotels in the area. Not to mention, you need to make sure that you have good access to all its amenities. And, you need to enjoy what the place can provide, from delicacies up to activities.


When it comes to delicacies, visiting waterfront restaurants is one of the best options since individuals can enjoy wonderful scenery while eating exquisite meals. Unfortunately, there are certain issues you need to avoid to ensure that you can enjoy your meal with the whole family. Below are some of the following.

Wrong location

One of the common reasons individuals opt for waterfront restaurants is to enjoy a wonderful meal along with the exquisite scenery. However, all these features can disappear when you opt for the

Wonderful Red Beach on the Greek Island of Crete

The Greek Island of Crete has so many traits that make it a truly enchanting place to visit. Aside from a splendid landscape and captivating natural sites, it also has a wonderful culinary heritage and lovely seaside villages.


Crete’s beaches is also one of the reasons why people try to make their way to the island’s shores. Because there are many beautiful sandy stretches you can find here, it is really hard to determine which ones the best. Despite this claim, the Red Beach in Crete manages to come out as one of the most distinct and sought after beaches on the island.

Red Beach got its name from its unique red sand, believed to have been formed from the rocks in the region. This trait alone separates Red Beach from its fellow beaches. The red sand provides a striking contrast to the sparkling blue-green color of the sea. But the reddish hue is not the only thing that is special about it; as it is also a highly recognized nudist beach. In fact, Red Beach is

How To Find the Absolute Best Vacation Deals

Getting away for a few days is a great way to recharge your batteries. There is nothing like going to a hotel and relaxing on the beach in a tropical location. However, going on an island holiday can be expensive. Here are some tips to help you find the best vacation deals so that you can spend less money and enjoy your time more.


Go Where Airlines Go

If you want to cut down on the price of your trip, you should zero in on a destination where you won’t have to make multiple plane changes. Additionally, prices follow the basic competition laws. Any destination that is serviced by multiple airlines will offer you a better price. By being competitive, you get a cheaper rate, which can help keep your costs down.

Find the Off-Season

If you go during the off-season, you will find cheaper prices on your hotel rooms. However, depending on where you are going, this may change. For example, hotels in the Caribbean have better vacation deals from May to mid-December with

Camping Tips in Sahyadri Mountains, Forts for Camping in Maharashtra

Sahyadri Mountain Range Camping Tips:

People often go for trekking in the Sahyadri mountains and then end up staying on forts at night time. Most of them are not prepared for the camping at night.

Following tips will help you if you end up in an overnight trek

1. No matter where you are going, carry plenty of water and some food with you. Carry something that you can eat without cooking.

2. During the rainy/winter season carry a camping tent. Finding a shelter in Sahyadris is hard. Also tents keep you safe from crawling creatures like scorpions and snakes.
Keep a Knife handy and if possible a fire burning during the night time.

3. If you need a toilet break. Make sure you inform your trekking mates and then go. Do not venture out alone.

4. Finally, Do not sleep as if you are sleeping at home. Be aware of the surroundings. If possible sleep in turns.

Happy trekking in the Sahyadris.

Forts recommended for camping in Maharashtra

Torna Trek Camping: ON Torna, there is temple on the top which can be used as shelter if you

Planning Ahead So You Have Everything You Need

Hiking camping tips can be helpful to even the most experienced adventurer but they are especially important for less experienced hikers. The basic checklist for hiking and camping, or the ten essentials every hiker and camper should have, is as follows:

1. map;
2. compass;
3. water or way to purify water;
4. multipurpose tools;
5. rain gear;
6. extra clothing;
7. food;
8. flashlight;
9. first aid kid;
10. matches, lighter, fire starter. Sunglass and sunscreen may also be included in this list.

These items are essential for any hiking and camping trip regardless of the number of days planned on the trail. Neglecting any of these items could create an unsafe situation while on the trail. While some of these essentials are self-explanatory, some require further information.

Clothing hiking camping tips:

Proper layering is essential for hiking and camping in all seasons. Adding or removing layers is important as activity levels change or as the temperature changes throughout the day. Knowing how to layer and the types of materials that provide the most comfort is essential. For example, cotton holds moisture and tends to become heavier as a result. The best

Campground Savy That Will Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Time for camping is time for fun. With a few camping tips and tricks you will find your trip easier and therefore more pleasurable.

Pre-planning is the most important tip of all, so here are some things to consider:

  • Make lists of what meals you will be eating.
  • Eggs can be scrambled in zipper bags before you go on your trip.
  • Be sure to take adequate water with you.
  • Start your trip with long life milk that can remain unrefrigerated until you open it.
  • Pack meal ingredients together instead of spread around your equipment.
  • If you are going with other families, draw meals to see which ones you will have to prepare. This will make cooking time easier and keep one person from doing all of the work.
  • The next list is your food shopping list.
  • Sticky food in bottles will need a light coating of vegetable oil under the cap to keep it from sticking. Plastic wrap can also be used.
  • Be sure you have sturdy cookware to use.
  • Before cooking, put liquid soap on the bottom of the pan. Washing it will be a lot easier.
  • Prepare non-toxic fire starters at home. Save your dryer lint and egg crates. Stuff those egg crates

Benefits of a Private Car Service

If you’re traveling to a new city or need a relaxing ride home or have family coming in to visit hiring a private car service is an excellent choice. Further, if you’re on vacation or traveling for business, a private car service has many benefits especially if you are travelling for the first time.

Private car services use only the most comfortable and high-end luxury cars such black Lincoln Town cars and Cadillac Escalades. You have peace of mind knowing that someone will be there waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. You don’t have to worry about flagging down a taxi or waiting for family or friends to pick you up. In many cases, the drivers will track your flight information to time their pick-up, this is super convenient especially if your flight is delayed or changed.

You also get the added benefit of productivity. Using a car service means you’ll have more time to take care of things that matter the most to you; especially if you are travelling for business. Instead of wasting time driving, the time can be used to make important phone calls or answer emails. All you

The Benefits and Obligations of Travelling

Travelling is a great fun activity which I like most. This is a wonderful world, full of natural beauty and man-made attractions. There are many places of historical, cultural and religious significance worth seeing and visiting. Travelling provides an excellent opportunity of visiting the unseen places and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages.

Travelling takes you away from your tense daily routine life and lands you at an exciting new place, much different from yours. You spend some time in a totally new environment, meet people from a different cultural background, visit places that you have never seen, eat food that is of a different taste and experience lot of other things. All that excites you and takes away all kind of tensions from your mind. You feel relaxed, start realizing new realities, accept cultural differences in living styles and come closer to other people. This brings international harmony, friendship and cooperation in many fields, useful for the mankind. Travelling also expands your mental horizon and increase your knowledge. You cannot learn from the books what you learn from your own experience.

Apart from pleasure travelling, people travel abroad for various other

For Wine and Food Pairings or As a Stand-Alone Drink

Port-very often it conjures images of portly, bewhiskered old men reading newspapers, discussing religion and politics, cracking jokes and walnuts, and smoking cigars, all the while hiding out from wives at their gentleman’s club. Maybe that was an accurate description of port drinkers in the past, but today port enjoys a much broader fan base, along with a much extended area of production. And when it comes to wine and food pairings, port is now associated with more than just nuts and tobacco.

Port wine takes its name from the city of Oporto in the Douro River Valley of Portugal and came into being in the late 1600s not by design, but by accident and necessity. In 1678 England declared war on France, blockaded ports, and made it impossible for Englishmen to get their beloved Bordeaux, forcing English wine merchants turned to Portugal for a source of wine. But wine making hadn’t the heights in Portugal that it had in France, so the English had to take a hand in it themselves.

To improve these inferior Portuguese wines, which were darker and more astringent, and to make them stand up under rough Atlantic voyages, brandy

The Temporary Friends We Meet While Traveling

While people are traveling, they are likely to meet a lot of random people along the way with whom they become temporary friends. They can carry on a conversation with someone from another part of the country or another country altogether and feel like friends. They may meet people who bring some sunshine into their day.

Even with the amazing technology of this day and the popularity of social media, in all likelihood, you will never see those people again. Your paths are not likely to cross in this world again. Yet you become friends for a short period of time. Sometimes you may exchange business cards or email addresses, but the chance of communicating further or ever seeing the person again are remote.

When we were in Rome recently, the hotel provided a shuttle bus at certain times during everyday so that visitors could get into the city from the hotel. In speaking with some people on the bus, we found that they were from the same state in the United States where we had once lived. We were entirely familiar with the small town where they lived. We even mentioned some people whom

What You Can Get From A Food Centric Experience Package

An excellent way of bonding with your family is to go on vacation. Today, there are already a lot of great destinations you can visit anywhere in the world. Some are being featured on different television shows while some are being recommended by travellers offline and online. With lots of information you can search online, you certainly can have a view of the best places to visit in your home country or abroad.

And if among the things you are looking forward to if you go on a vacation with your family and friends is the opportunity to try new flavors, consider exploring what a culinary-centric experience package can offer. Experts and travellers from all around the world claim that this package won’t just take you to one of the best eats but it will also give you access to the processes of the best chefs working at the best gastronomic destination.

Things You Can Get From This Package

You will visit where the ingredients are obtained – You get to visit the source of the ingredients used at the said restaurant. You will accompany the chef as he chooses ingredients to be featured in

International Travel and Health Advisories For Expatriates in Developing World Countries

What are some of the leading causes of accidents and illnesses for expatriates living in difficult and hostile environments for which they need travel and health insurance?


Depression severe enough to require medication affects about 40-50% of expatriates living in difficult and hostile environments. Back in the home country depression can be treated by reducing stress, nutrition and exercise. But in overseas situations, most workers cannot change situational causes of depression. Initial diagnosis and physician care is best if undertaken in the home country. Psychotherapeutic drugs would be available to them and on-going physician care can be done once the expatriate worker returns home.

Automobile Injuries

– Car-car or car-pedestrian injuries are the leading cause of death in expatriate health

Water Accidents and Water-borne diseases

– Infectious disease contact, especially fresh water
– Drownings

Adverse Animal Encounters

– Rabies
– Insect bites, particularly mosquitoes
– Poisonous snakes

Adverse People Encounters

– Robbery, assault
– Those opposed to your presence in their country

Other Common Accidents and Diseases

– Burns caused by open-fires and unsafe cooking appliances (especially appliances or containers to boil water)

These Five Sailing Rope Secrets Can Save You

Did you know that marine rope can cost several dollars per foot? That can add up to big costs if you have to replace sheets, anchor line, or docking lines. Save money with these five super sailing tips that can extend your rope life by 50% or more!

1.Add Life with Smoother Rope Passages

When you drop your anchor, your anchor line passes through a chock (opening in the hull) or over the hull at some point. That contact area will tend to rub and wear the line. Use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth down the inside edges of boat chocks.

2.Fair Leads Create Less Tension

Think of a fairlead as a turn in the road. Imagine that you are our driving in your car on a straight, narrow road. All of a sudden, a “sharp turn ahead” signs pops up to warn you to slow down for the curve ahead. Some curves are gentle and require less care, while others are sharp and more stressful to navigate.

When a line passes from one part of the boat to another, it often needs to make a turn in order to be

Budget Travel and Hotel Considerations Travel Industry Making Changes To Compete For Consumers

If you are like most Americans, you having difficulty saving money while prices are rapidly increasing; things like college tuition, food and fuel. So, when it comes to traveling you are looking to shave off costs and find ways to travel on a budget, and well, no one can blame you for that. What you may not be aware of or have not considered is that in the travel business; everything from airlines and rent-a-cars to tourist destinations and hotels are trying to find better ways to accommodate the budget traveler.

For instance, many airlines have had their fuel prices boosted to record costs and many family budget and business travel hotels are making changes in management and in their operations. Recently, Choice Hotels named a new COO and President; Stephen P. Joyce, 48. Additionally they named a new Executive VP of Global Branding. Why, because they know that they must hold their American clientele and find ways to cut costs, while still attracting their overseas travelers who are paying in high valued currencies.

There are many ways to cut costs in traveling and staying on a budget and hotels, rental car agencies and airlines

Party Like a Rock Star! And Other Phuket Travel Tips

When it comes to visiting Thailand’s largest and ever-popular island of Phuket, you are almost guaranteed a time full of thrill, excitement and adventure at nearly every corner. With vibrant streets exuding fun times and great memories to be had, your upcoming trip to Phuket will be nothing short of extraordinary and unforgettable. If you are trying to figure out what to fill your days with while there, consider taking part in the following Phuket Travel Tips while exploring the beautiful area…

1. Visit the Beaches

With just one step onto the golden sands of any of the Phuket beaches, you will quickly learn as to why so many people make their way there each year. Depending on the type of beaches you typically enjoy, there is truly one to suit any and all preferences. For a party scene close to all the craziness of the city, spend a day amongst the large crowds at Patong Beach. For those in search of something a bit more peaceful but within close distance to Patong or Phuket Town, try Kata Noi, Freedom Beach or Karon Beach. Of all the Phuket travel tips, this is one of the best.

Five Vacation Planning Travel Tips to Save You Time & Money on Your Vacation

Vacation planning is fun and easy so you don’t need to get overwhelmed. The first thing I want you to do is to take a deep breath and don’t panic. If you’ve never done this before, relax. I am here to help you with some simple steps to plan a great vacation.

1. Determine Your Budget.

There are many ways to go about determining your budget, but I usually set a price of how much I want to spend (per person) and then go from there to determine how to find the best travel deals based on where I want to go on a cheap vacation. You need to be reasonable regarding what the budget will be for your vacation or getaway. A very realistic and reasonable budget for a cheap vacation is between $800-$1200 per person including airfare, hotel, car rental, food, tips, and airport parking. I’ve traveled all over the country on business and the average budget for a two-to-three day business trip is about the same amount so it’s a very reasonable for a cheap vacation for an entire week (especially when it involves air travel and a much longer stay).

Travel and Tourism Online

A lot goes into traveling outside the actual trip. The plan to get to a destination is only a small detail when compared to the overall experience of a vacation or business trip. Online colleges offer training in travel and tourism for the individual who wants to think and do all the necessary things that go into planning a trip. Prospective students can earn a degree online and be working with clients to help them get the most of their money when traveling.

There are a variety of benefits from attending school online.

  • Learning from a distance allows individuals to choose their study pace and take classes inside the comfort of their own home.
  • Online schooling in travel and tourism permits students to study on days that are set by them not the college or program.
  • Students have the ability to complete all the phases of education without the hassle of commuting to a campus everyday.
  • This is a high advantage for disabled individuals who are unable to commute to a campus and attend classes.

More colleges and universities are adding online degree programs in travel and tourism, which is enabling students to gain a better education with

Start a Home Travel Business and Profit From the Multi-Billion Dollar Online Travel Industry

Yes, it is true. You can make money online working from home and can actually make a lot of money if you work hard, stay focused and execute. You can build a home travel business and live the Internet lifestyle you always dreamed of by operating an online home travel business. This article will put to rest any misgivings you may have had about starting an online travel business. I will not sugar coat it. In fact much of what I have to say will probably cause an up-roar in some parts of the online travel industry. I am aiming to tell it like it is.

Who really Makes Money in Online Travel. The truth is that you can’t really make a lot of money reselling other businesses travel products. This statement is directed towards the home-based travel agent market. Yes, its easy to get started as a home-based travel agent and the online travel agencies can provide you with your own personalized white label branded website, including quality customer support but in the end you are NOT building a business, you are only paying yourself a salary.

Don’t be fooled.


Three Sailing Tips to Increase Sailing Speed

How would you like to pump more speed into your sailing when beating to windward? If you want to learn to sail like a pro, you’ll need to use three little-known sailing tips for better windward performance.

Set Your Sail Shape for Pointing

Trim your sails for the best windward shape. Pull the mainsheet in so that the sailboat boom lies close to the boat center-line.

Look up the leech (trailing edge) of the sail. The leech should show a bit of “twist” about halfway up the sail. In other words, it should not cup from the clew to the head of the sail.

Look at the uppermost batten. In moderate air, it should be parallel to the boom. In super-light air, allow the uppermost batten to cock to leeward a few degrees. In heavy-air, slide the mainsheet car to leeward and ease the mainsheet to allow more twist in the upper part of your mainsail.

Set your Genoa of jib so that the leech lies about 2″ to 3″ off of the tips of the spreaders. This will give a good basic shape with good drive.

Move the headsail sheet

Ten Heavy Weather Sailing Tips You Need to Know

If you are anything like me, heavy weather sailing can be a challenge and make you tired fast. The more you prepare ahead of time, the more energy you will save. Follow these ten “do ahead of time” sailing tips to prepare for less fatigue and more comfort the next time the rough stuff crosses your path!

1. Make Up “Zero-Prep” Energy Bags

Use small Ziplock type bags to hold high energy snacks. Combine nuts, dried fruits, tasty seeds like sesame or pumpkin, banana chips, and dried coconut for a super snack. Press the bag tight before you seal to keep air out and your energy snack will last longer when stored aboard your sailboat.

2. Top Off Your Trusty Thermos

Purchase two large thermoses. Before the rough stuff arrives, fill one thermos with a hearty soup or stew. Fill the other with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. That way, you won’t need to worry about boiling water in choppy seas for a nutritious meal or drink.

Secret Tip – Purchase a thermos with a spigot-top conversion kit and mounting brackets. Install the brackets in a spot near your boat galley. Fill the thermos,